Maria Shedrina - Modern Artist 

Beauty is saving the World - i am sure!

My first word was "brush" instead of "mama", my father is an artist - so i had to become an artist! I was born in 1975 on the Black Sea (Novorossiysk). 
As an emotional person, I need to express feelings in my art - so I chose Expressionism. As a literature lover i also use a Symbolism style in my artworks. I often use ink because of Japanese influence.

I also love experimenting, it's my way of self-development which results in some unusual technics I use. So that's why all my artworks have such a rich textures. As a texture fan, every artwork is an invention, i make some new graphic experiments and even I don't know what the result will be. So my artworks cannot be copied and repeated even by me.

Here you can have a look on my art process.

I am a professional artist (graduated from an Art University in 1997)

I had a break for almost 15 years in my artist career - i was busy with my business and worked as a graphic designer. Now I am full-time artist and illustrator and plan to no longer stop in my work

As true romantic, I am always seeking beauty, and yes, I am sure - beauty is saving the World!

My artworks are in private art collections in Switzerland, Germany, USA, France, Israel, Georgia and Russia.


In 2020 i sold 126 artworks and took part in 2 large exhibitions (there was a big competition for participation in these exhibitions, my artworks were selected). 

Have a look at my artworks and illustrations here.

For some sold artworks i can make an art print.



1992 - 1997

Togliatti Art University 



New Generation, Togliatti


2 Autocities, Togliatti - Nizniy Novgorod -Paris


Summer, Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg


Autumn, Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg


Spring, Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg

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