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Shedrina Maria

Self-portrait from the keyboard


Maria Shedrina - Modern Artist 

Beauty is saving the World - i am sure!

My first word was "brush" instead of "mama", my father is an artist - so i had to become an artist! I was born in 1975 on the Black Sea (Novorossiysk). 
As an emotional person, I need to express feelings in my art - so I chose Expressionism. As a literature lover i also use a Symbolism style in my artworks. I often use ink because of Japanese influence.

I also love experimenting, it's my way of self-development which results in some unusual technics I use. So that's why all my artworks have such a rich textures. As a texture fan, every artwork is an invention, i make some new graphic experiments and even I don't know what the result will be. So my artworks cannot be copied and repeated even by me.

Here you can have a look on my art process.

Have a look at my artworks and illustrations here.

For some sold artworks i can make an art print.

As true romantic, I am always seeking beauty, and yes, I am sure - beauty is saving the World!

I am a professional artist (graduated from an Art University in 1997)

I had a break for almost 25 years in my artist career - i was busy with my business and worked as a graphic designer. Since 2020 I am full-time artist and illustrator and plan to no longer stop in my work

My artworks are in private art collections in Switzerland, Germany, USA, France, Israel, Georgia and Russia.


In 2021 i sold 59 artworks and took part in 2 large exhibitions (there was a big competition for participation in these exhibitions, my artworks were selected). 

Since 2022 - member of Russia Artist Union


Maria Shedrina Artist CV


1992 - 1997

Togliatti University (Art faculty)

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New Generation, Togliatti


2 Autocities, Togliatti - Nizniy Novgorod -Paris

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Summer, Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg


Autumn, Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg


Spring, Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg


New members, Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg

Member of the Following Organizations: 


Russia Artists Union


Creator of the unique online-course for adult "How to create as a children?" - on Patreon (our aim is creative freedom)

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