This artwork devoted to the Pyotr Mamonov, Russian poet and rock-musician memory. Hi died after COVID 15th of July 2021....


A fly is a source of infection, -

One dude told me.

Is a fly a source of infection?

Do not believe it is not so!

The source of the infection is you.

My fly is like a gingerbread -

Thick and shiny

My fly is like a gingerbread

Has a neat look Not like you -

The source of the infection.

Don't kill flies! Dont kill…

How much did I feed you -

Swearing alone in response.

How many flies have I killed?

There are no unfortunate people in the world.

Are you still alive ?!

The source of the infection!

Swat instead of a fly I needed you.

Slap, snap with your fingernail

But I regretted

You, the source of the infection.

But in vain!



47x68 cm

Watercolor, gesso, pastel, pencil, tempera on watercolor paper


The source of the infection - original artwork

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